Yesterday I mentioned that I’ve made a list of things for my husband and I to pray for our son for, and I thought you might like to see it. These things also serve as reminders to me of the things I want to cultivate in my own life, model for him, and remember to focus on and aspire to in the daily ups and downs of parenting.

Prayers for Elden

  • That he will accept Jesus as his Savior and follow him faithfully throughout his life
  • That he will desire and experience a close relationship with the Lord, sharing all his cares with God and hearing His voice
  • That he will submit each area of his life to the lordship of Christ and delight in doing God’s will
  • That he will understand the things of the Spirit and have godly wisdom vs. the wisdom of the world
  • That he will have reverence for the Lord, His commands, and the people God has put in positions of authority
  • That he will have a godly humility and that pride will not gain a foothold in his life
  • That he will be bold and confident in the Lord without fear of the opinions of others
  • That he will work hard and cheerfully in all he does, as a joyful servant and steward of God’s gifts
  • That he will know grace and understand that his value lies not in his performance or in others’ opinions of him but in being created, loved, redeemed and sanctified by God
  • That his unique abilities, talents, and passions will flourish and that he will use them fully for the Kingdom
  • That he will be a man of integrity, valuing honesty, fairness, and right actions, regardless of whether others are watching
  • That he will inspire and challenge others to be their best while being quick to offer compassion to others in their weakness
  • That he will be sensitive to the needs of others and take action to care for and protect the outcasts, the hurting, the poor, and the weak
  • That he will have a servant’s heart, desiring to put others before himself as Jesus did
  • That he will be pure in thought and action and be kept from temptation beyond what he can handle with God’s strength
  • That he will surround himself with friends and mentors who love the Lord and are pursuing a holy life
  • That God will provide for him, in His timing, a wife of noble character who loves the Lord, with whom he can experience joy, be made holy through sacrificial love, and find lifelong companionship and mutual blessing.
  • That he will be a strong and loving father to the children the Lord may bless him with, being the best picture he can be for them of their Heavenly Father
  • That he will find solace and strength in the Lord’s companionship when he is alone, and have the courage to stand alone when his convictions require him to
  • That he will cultivate a heart of joy by choosing thankfulness in all circumstances
  • That he would persevere through difficult circumstances with faith that the Lord will use them for good
  • That he will have a high regard for Truth and the wisdom and courage to share it lovingly yet boldly with others
  • That the Lord will keep him safe and direct his path
  • That he would fulfill the unique call God has on his life, giving God glory with his life and leading others to Jesus
  • That we as his parents would be faithful to teach him these things with the Lord’s help

Elden- noble, honorable; old friend; old servant; wise protector, wise guardian


I’d love to hear any additions you might pray for your own children!