It’s been several years in the making, but this upcoming move just started to get real. Ben will be headed to Alabama for 5 weeks of training just 5 weeks from now, and it is likely that we will move before then (3 weeks? 4 weeks?). Out of state. With two kids who have never lived anywhere else. Nothing is packed. We don’t have housing picked out. We still don’t know where in the world we are even going! We still have a dead car and a live snake to figure out what to do with, for goodness sake. We’re cool with it, it’s just kind of crazy and sort of amusing. Even without any of the moving logistics to figure out (packing, packers? movers? amazing amounts of Air Force paperwork full of acronyms we’ve never seen before…), even just looking through the tasks required to prepare for the training itself is intense. We’re kind of about to get thrown into another universe, on hyper-speed. It’ll be an adventure for sure. (It’s ok, we just figured we’d leave Minnesota with the same kind of craziness we entered it with. 😉 )

As I was saving a to-do list to my “Air Force” folder, I saw a document titled “Encouragement for the Journey”. It was a bullet-point list of things to remember as we move. I jotted these things down about two years ago, knowing I’d want to remember them. Here’s what it said:

Encouragement for the Journey

  • This world is not our home. We are on a pilgrimage and our citizenship is in heaven. Let our lack of established roots remind us of this.
  • When God says, “Go.” He goes with you.
  • Stop and worship before you go, and when you get there. Set it apart as holy, acknowledge it as God’s provision, consecrate it for God’s purposes. (Patriarchs and pillars/altars to the Lord)
  • Seek God’s guidance for each step, not just the initial step. People who are spiritually mature stop and wait for God at each step, not just acting on circumstances, logic, or even God’s initial guidance. We need him the whole way, not just at the beginning. And sometimes he takes us in a new direction or has different timing than we expect (told Isaac not to go to Egypt but later told Jacob to go there.) Our future is in the hands of God, not the Air Force.
  • When I live in a state of discouragement and stress, I am sending the message to those around me that God is unreliable, that he’s not faithful enough to be trusted. Banish all worry, casting your cares on the Lord, and declare by the faith and peace you exude that God is indeed reliable!
  • “Home is where God sends you.” “Love where you land.” “Bloom where you’re planted.”

Wise words. (I credit most of them to Bible Study Fellowship as we studied the life of Jacob in Genesis a couple years ago. 🙂 )